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Changes made in version 2.5 of the CAB Local Information system

Version 2.5 incorporated the following changes.

Ability to mark items as obscure

Previously you could specify whether an entry was popular, or not. In this version, you can specify an entry's popularity is:

  1. High;
  2. Normal; or
  3. Obscure

High is the equivalent of checking the 'Popular' box in the previous version. Normal is the equivalent of unchecking the 'Popular' box. Obscure is a new status. When you search the database, obscure entries are hidden. Instead, if there are matching obscure items, you see a message at the end of the list telling you that there are one or more obscure entries. Clicking this link adds the obscure entries to the list. The idea is that you can mark items that are possibly out of date - or which are unlikely to be of general use - as obscure so they don't waste advisers' time if there are more useful matches to review.

Fix for the 'blocked help files' problem

Some bureaux have encounted a problem that meant help files distributed automatically were blocked by Microsoft. The help files had to be unblocked before they could be used. Version 2.5 comes with an updated local installer that detects zip files and unzips them automatically. We're hoping that by zipping the help files and unzipping them locally we will by-pass Microsoft's security check. We haven't been able to reproduce the problem, though, so we can't test whether this will fix it, or not.

NB. If you are upgrading to version 2.5 from a previous version 2 system and you have encountered blocked help files, read the updated installation guide provided with this version. It explains how to update the local installer before distributing the version 2.5 update.

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