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We are Andy and Margaret Henderson, the husband and wife team behind Constructive IT Advice.

Margaret has been a CAB adviser and a local information co-ordinator having worked at both Epsom & Ewell and Gosport bureaux.

We saw an opportunity to develop a simple local information system for Epsom & Ewell which proved to be very useful:

Everyone seems pleased with its ease of use

We therefore decided to develop a version that could be implemented and run at any CAB with the minimum of IT expertise. We have now provided the system to over 120 bureaux around the country.

Version 5.0 improves support for multi-office bureaux, external partnerships and public access

We provide the system and support it free of charge. There is no cost to bureaux. The system runs under Microsoft Windows. All the software you need to run the local information system either comes with Windows or can be downloaded from Microsoft for free.

We fix errors as they are reported to us (there haven't been many). We also supply enhancements - mainly in response to suggestions from bureaux.

The other sections of this site:

We update the system from time to time - usually in response to suggestions from bureaux. If you want to keep up-to-date with developments, the two icons at the top left of this page give you the opportunity to subscribe to either a mail list; or an RSS feed.

We hope you find the system useful and that this site provides all the information you need. If you have a question or suggestion for improving the system, we'd like to hear from you.

Andy and Margaret Henderson

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