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Changes made in version 2.4 of the CAB Local Information system

Version 2.4 incorporated the following changes.

Linking between database entries

You can now link database entries together so, for example, an entry on divorce might link to an entry on solicitors. Entries can also link to searches so, for example, an entry on tenancy can link to all other entries matching a search on 'rent'. The maintenance program help text provides more information about using this new facility.

If you installed the initial version of this facility from the Local Information System forum, upgrading to version 2.4 will give you:

Incorporation of links into the main body of an item

We have updated our validation checks to allow you to do this. You can add links to external pages. You can also use the new internal linking feature.

Support for high contrast colour schemes

Microsoft provides high contrast colour schemes for use by people with impaired vision. Unfortunately, switching to these schemes rendered some text in the system unreadable. For example, in one scheme, button text appeared as black on black. We have ensured that the system's colour scheme is compatible with the Microsoft schemes.

Bug fixes

We have fixed two bugs:

  1. One caused web link checking to crash if the URL was malformed. it failed, for example, if you put a telephone number in the web address by mistake.
  2. The other caused incorrect installation if the central database was installed to a drive letter without an intervening subfolder.

Click here to see what changes we made in previous versions.

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