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Changes made in version 2.3 of the CAB Local Information system

Version 2.3 incorporates a number of changes, many in response to suggestions from bureaux around the country.

Resizing window contents

You can now resize the content of the enquiry and maintenance screens so that buttons and text appear larger. This is useful for people with weak vision and for people using high resolution displays. You can resize the enquiry and maintenance screens independently. The system remembers your setting and automatically reapplies it the next time you use the system.

Popular entries

You can now mark entries as 'popular' so they appear with a special icon at the beginning of lists of matching items. This makes it easier for advisers to find popular entries that commonly solve problems in a given area.

Support for web page zooming

If you use Internet Explorer 7 (or later) the Text resize button in the enquiry program is replaced with a Zoom button that allows you to zoom entire pages (including both text and pictures) regardless of whether they were originally programmed to allow text resizing, or not.

Improvement to soft buttons

Soft buttons can now point to documents in your local network. In this version we provide administrators with a template that shows them how to use this facility to display a list of common web and document links.

Document reference replacement

Administrators can now override document references used within a bureau network. This is useful for offices that use a database created by a different office.

Splash screen

We have removed our 'phone number from the CITA splash screen that appears when you first start the enquiry program. This is because of a recent move and because we are likely to move again soon. You can get our current 'phone number from the 'Contact us' page in our web site.

Running under Vista

We have implemented the change - previously introduced in the CITA forums - that eliminates the need for administrator access when running the system under Windows Vista.

Local drive warning

The installation programs raise a warning message if they detect you are installing the system to a local disk drive. This aims to eliminate the most common installation problem we encounter - use of a local disk address for the database instead of an address that can be recognised by all PCs in a network.

Read the manual

The network installation program now prompts you to read the installation guide. Most installation problems we have encountered to date have arisen because instructions laid down in the guide were not followed.

Documentation updates

We have updated the manuals that come with the system to make them look better (we think), eliminate some errors and to incorporate more information (covering Windows Vista, for example). We have also updated them to reflect the above changes. You should delete any copies you have made or replace them with the version supplied with this release

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