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Changes made in version 2.1 of the CAB Local Information system

Version 2.1 incorporated the following changes to version 2.0 of the system...

Support for 'Limited' users

Windows XP supports three types of user:

  1. Administrators - have full access to the programs and data held on the PC
  2. Limited users - can run programs and change their own data but cannot:
    1. Change programs
    2. Access other people's data
    3. Make changes to XP and its configuration.
  3. Guest users - who can't do much at all.

Before version 2.1 we provided no support for limited users. The system assumed that all users would be administrators. Version 2.1 provides support for limited users by storing user-specific information in locations available to limited users instead of the program directory (which is not available to limited users).

Note, however, that limited users cannot change programs. They can run the local information system programs, but not change them. If you decide to implement limited users, you will have to switch to an administrator id in order to install the system and to make any subsequent changes. The system detects when there is a program change but the user has insufficient access to install it. In this situation the install program displays a message explaining that administrator access is needed. The local information system will then be disabled on that PC until the program update can be completed.

User id and password maintenance

Previous versions of the system required you to have a copy of Microsoft Access to add, remove and change user ids. This version comes with a simple program that allows you to maintain ids. You no longer need a copy of Access to use any part of the system.

Other changes

We also implemented the following changes in this release:

  1. As a side-effect of providing support for limited users, the system now remembers window layouts and positions separately for each logon id. Also, if you have activated user 'roaming', the system will automatically reload each id's settings even if they switch to a different PC.
  2. The database enquiry program now 'remembers' the status of the 'Allow new browser windows' button in the toolbar.
  3. We have enhanced the network installation program (CABNetworkInstall.exe) to make it easier for you to install program updates like version 2.1.
  4. We have improved the way errors are reported if any of the programs has difficulty logging an error.
  5. The release media includes the new 'Implementation Notes' document and data capture utility that we recently announced by Email.

We have updated the Installation Guide and Technical Overview to reflect the above changes. You should delete any copies you have made or replace them with the version supplied with this release

Click here to see what changes we made in previous versions.

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