Threat detected by Avast in U3A web site

Avast anti-virus is reporting that the Hayling Island U3A web site ( is unsafe! The web site runs on the same server as a load of other web sites and it looks like one of them has an issue but the U3A site is getting tarred with the same brush!

It is not alone. Avast has a track record of blocking some very high profile web sites, as well as many lowly ones, incorrectly.

Hayling Island U3A implements a number of tools and procedures to ensure its site is safe to use and this site (recommended by Avast itself) shows we are clean.

We've asked Avast to correct the error known as a 'false positive'.

For the time being, click here to see a fix for the problem.

Please do not Google the issue and try to implement the procedures described there. 'URL:mal' shown in the Avast message means that our server is on a blacklist held by Avast. There is nothing anyone can do to remove the message by downloading a software program or calling a 'technician'. Best case you will waste time, worst case you will end up with a genuine infection with the possibility of divulging sensitive information such as bank details.

We've put a message explaining the problem on the U3A web site but people suffering the issue won't see it. So, if you hear of someone having problems, please send them a link to this page...

... so they can get around the blockage.

Please get in touch via the 'Contact Andy' link at the top of this page if you need any help or further reassurance about this issue.

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