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How do companies use RSS?


Why do companies use RSS?

After all, there are web sites, Email newsletters, web forums; why do we need another method of communication?

RSS provides some distinct benefits over other forms of internet publication:

How do individuals use RSS?

In the main, people use RSS to publish journals of what they are doing. These 'weblogs' or 'blogs' range from fascinating to mundane. Some are of limited appeal, others are followed avidly by thousands. Some are, frankly, bizarre!

Doesn't RSS reduce the value of web sites?

The point is debatable. Certainly, people no longer have to keep coming back to see if there is any news. Arguably, though, an RSS feed keeps people interested much longer. When they do decide to read a news item, they are definitely interested in what the site has to say. That makes for a better quality of visitor. For sites that rely on advertising revenue, RSS still works because:

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