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Welcome. Constructive IT Advice is pleased to be able to provide you with a free copy of its RSS Aggregator. A tool that brings news, journals, broadcasts and information from all around the world direct to your desktop - and all for free!

There's more. When you install the Aggregator you will also get a free copy of the CITA RSS Builder. A utility that allows you to build your own RSS feeds and load them to your web site. Just run the utility from your Start button and press F1 to see extensive help text about building RSS feeds and the using the Builder.

RSS is a set of global standards for publishing news and information. RSS newsfeeds are provided by literally thousands of public web sites and the Aggregator can monitor the ones you choose. The Aggregator uses the method you choose to alert you of new articles. It can even give you newsflashes when there is news that is particularly interesting to you.

Increasingly organisations are using RSS newsfeeds to keep clients, suppliers and their own people informed. The Aggregator can read those newsfeeds too. It can even read secure RSS sites that require a user id and password (unlike many other aggregators that allow anyone to read passwords, it stores passwords using secure triple DES encryption).

The Aggregator is written using the Microsoft .NET framework which eliminates the risk that it can interfere with other programs on your system. You can even install and run it safely if:

The Aggregator detects when you are not connected to the Internet so, if you use a laptop on the move, you will not be pestered with error messages.

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If you'd like to learn more about RSS, or if you would like to use RSS in your business, get in touch. We'd be pleased to hear from you.


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